SEDCO 2020 Awardees Congratulations to this year’s winners!

The Road to Recovery 2020 and Beyond

Interviews with local Scarborough businesses

SEDCO’s Annual Report, November 2020

We usually tell our story during our in-person annual meeting, but like many other organizations, we’ve had to change direction due to COVID-19.

While the Board and staff are incredibly disappointed not to see everyone in person, we are pleased to submit this report.

In the following pages, we share and celebrate Scarborough – the businesses, the people, the incredible resiliency. Scarborough is a special place to live and do business, and these past few months have really shown how special it can be. Over 1,200 businesses along with more than 20,000 residents, right here in Scarborough getting through some tough times.

We know this global pandemic has created great sadness and anxiety here at home, but there are many stories of heroism and community building, and dare we say, hope for our future. This report looks back at what Scarborough and specifically SEDCO has done this past year, showing that we are all in this together, today and tomorrow.

SEDCO is guided by its mission of developing, supporting and promoting economic development practices that are sustainable. We all want a healthy, diverse and resilient economy for the Scarborough community. We are proud of the strong partnership with the Scarborough Community Chamber of Commerce along with Scarborough Buy Local in supporting our very own. SEDCO is a non-profit, quasi- municipal organization that supports the Town’s initiatives and special business projects.

This year we are also guided by the Scarborough Town Council’s resolution to support racial and social equity. We’ve included the Council resolution on page four.

As you review the report, look for those stories that show SEDCO’s adherence to a strong mission, commitment to community building and resiliency worthy of celebration as we all look to the future.

A few of the outstanding highlights of 2020 include:

‣ COVID-19 response using technology and a “roll-up-our sleeves” approach to local and federal restrictions and programs

‣ Community building by celebrating business openings, holiday guides, and town branding.

‣ Intelligence tracking that looks at economic impacts and The State of Scarborough.

‣ Scarborough By the Numbers including housing, jobs, retail sales, property tax rate comparisons, and many others.

Lastly, we want to thank the Town Council and, in particular, our Council Liaison, John Cloutier, for their support. Our Town Manager, Tom Hall joins our board meetings and helps keep us connected to town activities and initiatives.

We hope you enjoy our annual report, and you will join us in celebrating a community that is strong, resilient, healthy and safe.

Andrea Killiard, Board Chair

Karen Martin, Executive Director