Gawron Turgeon Architects create award-winning buildings, interiors and sites for their clients. They focus on providing an integrated design approach, bringing architecture, landscape architecture,master planning and interior design together to create projects that are visually appealing and functional. They design financial institutions, corporate offices, medical offices, senior living communities, affordable housing, auto dealership and other projects. These projects range from small to large, and from simple to complex renovations, additions and new constructions.

Why Scarborough?

“Gawron Turgeon Architects had always been interested in this former school building at 29 Black Point Road. It had fallen into disrepair on the interior while it was used by the school department for the central school bus drivers’ offices. the Town Manager at the time – Carl Betterly – asked if we would consider moving into the building. He was interested interested in renovating the interior for office use. He proposed renting it to us under the condition we would provide design services for a renovated interior,choosing historically correct and efficient windows and entrances and make the building totally handicap accessible and make.” Gawron Turgeon

Best Advice

“It’s better to make slow nickels than fast dimes.”

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