Haven’s Candies has been handcrafting premium confections in Maine since 1915 using timeless recipes and only the finest ingredients. Their chocolates, Fudge, Salt Water Taffy, Nuts and Chocolate Novelties have delighted candy lovers for generations. Haven’s is a retailer & manufacturer, and wholesaler. They have provided many nationally recognized corporations with specialized chocolates representing their business.

Why Scarborough?

“The Cabela’s Plaza offers ample parking and the potential for many complimentary business neighbors. We felt this would allow diverse shopping options for our customers. We signed lease in 2008, just prior to the drop in the economy, and have weathered the storm.” Art Dillon, Master Candy Maker

Best Advice

“Offer a quality product, charge a fair price, be involved in your community” Art Dillon, Master Candy Maker

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