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Maine Continues to be Attractive to Out-of-State Residents

Tuesday, December 5, 2023

In 2022, 41,618 people moved to Maine from other states according to the Census Bureau.  State to State Migration Flows were released last month that shows.  The information also shows that 34,659 Maine residents moved from Maine to other states, resulting in a net flow of 6,959 residents moving into Maine from other states in the US. An additional 4,502 folks moved to Maine from abroad.

The data represents population 1-year and older and was compiled using the 2022 American Community Survey 1-year Estimates.

The largest contributor of new Maine residents in 2022 was Massachusetts.  Massachusetts accounted for 21% or 8,663 of new residents in Maine last year. New Hampshire and California ranked second and third in contribution new residents to Maine.

For population moving out of Maine to another state, Florida was the winner with 6,242 new residents from the State of Maine. Massachusetts and New York were the next most frequent destinations for people leaving the state of Maine.

For the rest of us, just under 90% of Maine residents (1 year and older) lived in the same residence as a year ago. For the balance of the 10% who lived in different homes, 7% moved around within the State, 3% were from other States and 0.3% were from abroad.