Pine Tree Waste is a full service sustainability company located in Scarborough but serving 48 communities in southern and central Maine with solid waste and recycling collection services including residential, commercial and institutional customers. Recycling activities include solid waste, construction and demolition debris, organics, used vegetable oil and electronics. The Liquids Division offers special event temporary bathrooms, construction toilets and septic service. 183 employees are involved in the communities they live in and are encouraged to support local efforts of all kinds.

Why Scarborough?

“Scarborough was located well for our operating area, was a current customer and provided the working relationship that was conducive to solving problems and allowing us to grow our business.” Stuart Axelrod, Pine Tree Waste

Best Advice

“This is true for all businesses but especially true in a service industry. Good service is not enough, you have to have a relationship with your customers, take the time to understand their needs, desires and problems and help them reach their goals. You have to be a resource, not a salesman and to do that you have to have the highest level of integrity there is.” Stuart Axelrod, Pine Tree Waste

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