Dunstan is an attractive mixed-use community center that provides a range of goods and services to meet the day-to-day needs of residents of the surrounding area as well as commuters and tourists using Route One. Dunstan serves as both the business and community center for the southern part of Scarborough. Most new commercial development is located off Route One to create a pedestrian focused village center or core that becomes the heart of Dunstan and a southern gateway to the community. This pattern minimizes the impact of development on traffic. Strip commercial development along Route One north and south of these centers is limited while allowing property owners reasonable use of their property.

These fringe areas along Route One develop/redevelop with lower intensity office and service uses thereby allowing the new center and gateway to become the activity centers for Dunstan. The architectural character of the historic area is maintained as the buildings are converted to other uses. Traffic improvements were recently undertaken to improve traffic flow and safety. The village center/core and gateway areas are pedestrian friendly and sidewalks and bike paths link these centers to nearby residential neighborhoods.”

A revitalization plan was adopted by the Town Council in October, 2014.

Zoning Districts in Dunstan Include:
Town and Village Centers District – TVC – Click here to read more
Town and Village Centers fringe District – TVC3 – Click here to read more

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