Pleasant Hill Road

Pleasant Hill Road intersects with Route 1 at the northern border of Scarborough. The western portion of Pleasant Hill serves as area for both office and industrial uses. The area bordering along Route one is zoned Business Office Research (BOR), and is home to the Maine Health Scarborough Campus, featuring the Maine Medical Center Research Institute.

Within the Industrial Zoning district, further down Pleasant Hill Road, you will find both offices and industrial uses. Hannaford’s Corporate headquarters, along with some of their distribution activities are located here. More traditional industrial uses such as Pine Tree Waste and LAI International, a precision manufacturer are also located in the industrial area of Pleasant Hill Road.

Industrial District – I
The Purpose of this area is to provide districts within the Town of Scarborough for manufacturing, processing, treatment, research, warehousing, storage and distribution, and other compatible uses, where there is no unreasonable danger of explosion or other hazard to health or safety. Click here to read more

Business Office-Research District – BOR
The purpose of this district is to provide an area within the Town of Scarborough that allows for the growth and development of high quality office and research uses that result in the area becoming a major employment center. As development and/or redevelopment occurs within the district, the visual environment is enhanced, Route One is re-established as a “landscaped parkway”, and the Nonesuch River and adjacent wetlands are buffered from the impacts of the development. Click here to read more

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