Holmes Road

Light Industrial Area
This section of Holmes Road provides land for small, light industrial types of development while reestablishing the Holmes Road as an attractive gateway to the west side of town. The area does not have water and sewer, which limits the types of industrial uses.

Light Industrial District – LI
New development together with redevelopment of existing uses should create an attractive
business/industrial park environment with a roadside buffer along the Holmes Road. Residential
properties along Two Rod Road and to the west of the district should be protected with a substantial buffer. Read more

Rural and Farming Overlay District – RF-O
The purpose of this district is to allow the existing residential buildings and vacant parcels in the Holmes Road Light Industrial area to continue to be used or developed for residential uses until such time as the property is developed, redeveloped, and/or modified and used in accordance with the Light Industrial (LI) District requirements. Read more

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