Get a Permit or License

Types of Permits or Licenses

  • DBA (Doing Business As) Form: Pursuant to Title 31 M.R.S.A., an applicant who intends to operate as either a sole proprietor or a partnership, the owner(s) must file a DBA form with the Town Clerk’s Office.

Sole proprietor Form
Partnership Form
Certificate of Withdrawal

  • Building Permit:

Building Applications

  • Coin Operator License: A coin-operated amusement device is any machine or device which upon the insertion of a coin may be operated by the public generally for use as a game, entertainment, or amusement, whether or not registering a score, and which is operated for amusement only and does not dispense any form of payoff, prize or reward except free replays. For the purpose of licensing, the owner of the establishment where the device is located shall be the party responsible for obtaining the license.

Coin Operated Game Ordinance
Coin Operator License Application
Supplemental Questionnaire for Corporate Applicants

  • Food Handler’s License: Any person who operates any place where food or drink is prepared and/or processed or served to the public for consumption on or off the premise shall be licensed annually in order to operate within the Town of Scarborough.

Food Handers Ordinance
Food Handlers License Application
Supplemental Questionnaire for Corporate Applicants

  • Garbage Hauling License: No person engaged in the business of hauling of solid waste, included but not limited to garbage or recyclables, shall collect or transport solid waste generated within the Town without obtaining a refuse collection license from the Town and paying the required licensing fee.

Garbage and Recycling Collection and Disposal Ordinance
Garbage Hauling Application

  • Going Out of Business Permit: No person may offer for sale a stock of goods, wares or merchandise under the designation of “closing-out sale,” “going out of business sale,” “discontinuance of business sale,” “entire stock must go,” “must sell to the bare walls” or other designation which states, directly or by implication, an intent of that person to dispose of the entire stock of goods with a view to permanently terminating further business after that disposal is complete, unless the person complies with the following requirements.

Ordinance Governing Closing Out Sales
Going Out of Business Application

  • Hawker/Peddler License: No person shall carry on the business of hawking or peddling of goods, wares or merchandise at retail within the limits of the Town of Scarborough without first having obtained a license from the Municipal Officers of the Town of Scarborough. The fee for such license shall be as specified in the Schedule of License, Permit, and Application Fees established by the Town Council, and said license shall expire on July 1st.

Hawkers and Peddler Ordinance

  • Ice Cream Truck License: No person shall operate an ice cream truck in Scarborough without the license required by this ordinance. A separate license is required for each ice cream truck.

Ice Cream Truck Ordinance
Ice Cream Truck License Application
Supplemental Questionnaire for Corporate Applicants

  • Innkeeper’s License; All innkeepers of hotels, motels, lodging and rooming houses, dormitories and owners of three or more cottages or cabins in a single or adjacent parcel must obtain an innkeepers license. [Single and two family dwellings are exempt from this ordinance as are dormitories of charitable, educational, or philanthropic institutions.]

Innkeepers License Ordinance
Innkeepers License Application
Supplemental Questionnaire for Corporate Applicants

  • Junkyard License: Application for a permit to establish, operate or maintain an Automobile Graveyard and/or Junkyard must be in accordance with the provision of Title 30-A, Sections 3751 – 3760, Chapter 183, Public Laws 1988A.
  • Massage Therapist and/or Establishment License: Massage Establishment License: No person shall operate a massage establishment without a valid massage establishment license.

A separate license shall be required for each such establishment.

Massage Establishment Ordinance
Para-Massage Establishment Ordinance
Massage Therapist / Combination Therapist / Establishment Application
Massage Establishment Only Application
Supplemental Questionnaire for Corporate Applicants

  1. Massage Therapist License: No person shall work as a massage therapist without a valid massage therapist license or a combined massage establishment/massage therapist license.
  2. Combined Massage Establishment/Massage Therapist License: A sole practitioner who employs no massage therapist other than himself/herself may apply for a combined massage establishment/massage therapist license in lieu of both a massage establishment license and a massage therapist license.
  • Manufactured Housing / Mobile Home License: All manufactured housing/mobile home parks are required to be licensed in the Town of Scarborough. For further information, please contact the Scarborough Codes Department (207) 730-4040.
  • Mooring Permit: A boat owner must obtain a mooring permit in order to moor ones boat in the waters off Scarborough. Currently there are no moorings available. Interested parties may fill out a form to be placed on the waiting list for a mooring.

Application for Waiting List

  • Shellfish License: Any person wishing to dig shellfish must possess a shellfish license. Licenses are valid from May 1st through to April 30th of each year.

Shellfish Conservation Ordinance

  • Special Amusement: No licensee for the sale of liquor to be consumed on his premises shall permit, on his licensed premises, any music, except radio or other mechanical device, any dancing or entertainment of any sort unless the licensee shall have first obtained from the municipality in which the licensed premises are situated a special amusement permit signed by at least a majority of the municipal officers.

Special Amusement Ordinance
Special Amusement Application
Supplemental Questionnaire for Corporate Applicants

  • Taxi Cab / Establishment License: No person shall own or operate any taxicab in the Town of Scarborough without a license for such purposes as provided in Chapter 1004 – Taxicab Ordinance. All owner’s and operator’s licenses shall expire on May 1 of each year.

Taxicab Ordinance
Taxicab Operator Application
Taxicab Business Application
Supplemental Questionnaire for Corporate Applicants