Apply for Site Plan Review

Site Plan Review – Flow Chart
(Commercial or Multi-Family Development)


Sketch Plan Submission
Submit Complete Sketch Plan Application
(Voluntary but Recommended)

2 Weeks

Sketch Plan Review by Planning Board
(Voluntary but Recommended)

3 to 6 Weeks

Site Plan Submission
Planning Staff / Engineering Review

Site Plan Review by Planning Board
(Smaller projects with complete applications
and conforming designs can be approved in
one meeting by the Planning Board)

3 Weeks

Site Plan Approval by Planning Board
(Larger or more complex applications take multiple Planning Board meetings and are dependent on applicant’s ability to update plans and conform to standards)

5 to 12 Weeks – General Town Review Period
(This does not include review time by State and Federal review agencies)

Click here to download the Town of Scarborough, Maine Site Plan Checklist