Apply for Subdivision Review

Subdivision Review – Flow Chart
(Residential or Commercial Subdivisions)


Sketch Plan Submission
Submit Complete Sketch Plan Application
(Voluntary but Recommended)

2 Weeks

Sketch Plan Review by Planning Board
(Voluntary but Recommended)

3 to 6 Weeks

Preliminary Subdivision Plan Submission
Planning Staff / Engineering Review

Preliminary Subdivision Review by Planning Board
(Smaller projects with complete applications
and conforming designs can be approved in
one meeting by the Planning Board)

3 Weeks

Final Subdivision Plan Approval by Planning Board
(Larger or more complex applications take multiple Planning Board meetings and are dependent on applicant’s ability to update plans and conform to standards)

5 to 12 Weeks – General Town Review Period
(This does not include review time by State and Federal review agencies)

Click here to download the Town of Scarborough, Maine Subdivision Checklist